But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this
all-surpassing power is from God and
not from us. (2 Corinthians 4:7)

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Spent the weekend at my sis's place. Realized that i needed a break so much, i needed to stay away from this room and had a retreat somewhere.
Luckily i have a somewhere to go to when i am desperate.

Had a good swim with my sister.
Had a good breakfast at the neighborhood.
Decided to be my sis's house mate's model for Smokey eyes... and this's her masterpiece.

Okay can't really see, but i think she did a good job.

Visited sis meifeng at her place in the afternoon, she just gave birth!
I've always loved her sunshine boy Joshua, he's really adorable.
Now we have Isaac to join the family!
Isaac is so tiny, so so so small!
And Joshua is only 2.5yrs old and he's running everywhere with his cheeky smiles and laughters already! He's still my sunshine boy :) I played rugby with him for awhile, and he laughed so happily! I feel that this boy really yearns to have playmates.. he's so so cute!

Went back to my sis's house after the visit and just when i thought there's nothing that i could do there at night (i really didn't want to study at all for that weekend), jan gave me a call!
They were coming to find me!!! I was so excited you know! Gosh, i've never seen them ever since the NDP fireworks and sometimes i really thought that i've been forgotten. Geraldine is at NIE and Jan is a CITI-gal now. I feel that everyone has left school, they have started pursuing their careers etc... and i'm still here. I was so glad that they came all the way just to see me and gave me a belated birthday celebration. It's not about the celebration, it's really about seeing them, again!

We had supper at the 24 hrs mamak stall near my place and started talking and talking. I realized now we talked about adults stuff, unlike last time in TJC, i always asked whether i should eat the hashbrown from Western or the laksa from the noodle stall. Hee, but this is life isn't it. I am just thankful that our friendship stays strong, despite we don't meet often. :)

Met linda for dinner on sunday, we went to Holland Village! Seriously, i really miss her loads ever since the school started. I don't know why, i guess it's because i wish to know what's happening in her life and if she's coping fine. If she's not, i hope she could let me know at least. She's silly at times. And she knows that i've never failed to amaze her that how much i know about her, her inner thoughts etc. I'll pray for you my dear friend :) You were so pretty that day and i forgot to take a photo with you :(

Monday was another fun day! Church outing at pasir ris park and it was my FIRST time joining a church outing. I was quite excited but the distance really made me sian at times. I still brought myself there, with my sister, and God rewarded me with a day full of laughters and good food and games :) Amen!

This is Caleb :)

It's thursday already. Fast huh? Today the drug quiz was quite bad hee. I've done the best i could but still... You're still in control i know.

Today, i seemed to lose a little of my self-control.
Perhaps it's because things have been emotionally draining for me this couple of weeks and i've lost the patience and the thoughtfulness to others. I know i shouldn't give in to my emotions so easily. Sorry if you feel that i've been too harsh today. I don't know why suddenly there's an urge of frustration and unhappiness within me, and i know that this morning i have specially prayed for a loving heart to others around me, and strength for me to remain calm despite unfavorable circumstances, be it externally or internally.

It's just so bad when you surrender yourself to your emotions.
Emotions lie, and they blind you from many things.

Last but not least ...
Happy birthday my sweet princess, i hope you have a great birthday this year.
I'm glad that you have restored your friendships, and realigned your priorities :)

"But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead.'

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Tough weeks just passed. Tougher weeks awaiting. Sometimes i get so bogged down with the things in life... I need to be right with God, all over again.

Dispensing was like a warfare last thursday. 3 prescriptions, 3 interventions, and i totally agree with wp when she mentioned ' if you think year1&2 dispensings were bad, this year4 dispensing is hell.' haha. it's really quite horrible. i think my luck wasn't that good that day, picked 2 prescriptions that... erm.. i felt were quite extraordinary. 1 controlled drug prescription that needs intervention, and the other prescription was a FORGERY. darn. weren't taught how to handle them but i did my best i guess. Learning is a journey. Totally agree with you when you said it today! God's still in control, i know.

My faith was put to test a couple of times this week. Sometimes situations deceive, and those are the times your preception and mindset have to stand firm. Believe God can do wonders, perhaps not to the situations, but to your heart and soul.

God knows my inner thoughts. That's all i could say.

Monday was my dry run for my FYP presentation on thursday. It went very well, with pleasant comments from supervisor and peers. Thursday's presentation was a setback. I won't go too much into it. Tired. Drained.

And a pharmacotherapy test today! Wohoho, STD, UTI, Pneumonia, URTI... i hope i didnt screw it up. With the amount of time i have, the amount of tasks at hands, and the amount of deadlines, i feel that i've given my best. Really. I didn't want to prepare for them like preparing for a test, i want to prepare it well because i am dealing with lives God's entrusting into my hands in future. Yet, limitations are just everywhere.

I need a rest.
Give me a break.
I need a break to realign my priorities and have closure with God.

I really want to be right with You again.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's October ..

Time flies. It's already week 2 after the mid-sem break. Presentation 1 is 2 weeks away, then it'll be exams. My year 4 sem 1 feels like a breeze, and it's also the first time in my life that i realized time is passing really fast.

Last friday was my birthday. I had a great time, really. Didn't have fanciful celebrations but i feel that what happened over the past few days were the most suitable birthday 'period' for me. Suddenly had an urge to treat Mindy and Phaik Ching to a very nice Russian restaurant. Actually i've been wanting to do that. Have been wanting to thank them for sticking with me through the ups and downs. One thing that pc put on msn is quite dear to my heart. 朋 友 就 是 看 透 你 了 却 依 然 爱 你 , 陪 伴 你 的 人 。 You know, for the past year, i had been one of their greatest concern, their pain in their asses :P. I really am very thankful to have them in my life, for without them, and without their silent sacrifices and patience, I won't be able to pull through the valley of darkness. They are Godsent. Really. And I thank God for them :)

But being an arrogant me, I didn't really tell them the purpose of the fine-dine. I hope they understand. I hope you both know that I appreciate you gals loads. I hope you both know that I really love you gals loads. It's through them that i deeply realized that God loves me, and He hasn't given up on me.

At Shashlik :)

I have a round face. Sigh!

I insisted that we all should try their famous Baked Alaska. Actually I just wanted to show them that the cake got fire. Haha, cos i think it's quite special mahz. Mindy refused to try and i have already known why. (They prepared a cake for me :), and i know they always will haha!). But still, i insisted. So.. tadaah!

The Famous Baked Alaska!! Yeah :P

Hope you gals enjoyed the dinner, just as how i enjoy our friendship all these years :)

Few more pics:


Mindy says i should wear this more often. But it's HOT!!!! I really wish my sister could see me wearing it, cos she bought me this. Not that it's superawesome, but i always appreciate what she gives me :) and i hope she feels it.

Does it look like me?

With jk in hall. I bully him all the times!

Although I've been saying that birthday is just another day. Actually.. i didn't quite mean it. Hee.
It's a day of great importance to me. That very day, somehow, I devoted bulk of my time recounting my blessings for the past 1 year. I want to confirm that i am indeed better this year and see more God's love and grace this year than the last. I know that I am weak all this while, but I also know that God is faithful and His grace is sufficient for me.

I should say i have a breakthrough in church this year too. He answered my prayers, that's all i could say. :) i'm glad that by His grace, I got to know them better, especially Mei Er, rachel, john and vilon. You know, they are really the most beloved children of God I've ever met. I thank God for them, and i thank Him for putting me in this circle :)

My sister. She's a great sister :)

I learnt a lot from these people :)

Besides, i met up with Han wen on last Saturday for a food feast :)
I'm glad that she's better these days. She's been through a lot of things. She's changed too.
I'm so glad that we are still there for each other.
I'm so glad that she still looks for me when she needs help.
And I'm so glad that she's so pretty now :P

God's grace :)